Parents at Park View Academy

End of Year 2015 Comments (From Reports) Names have been removed

1. _______ has made good progress this year. Thanks are due to her teachers and mentors for their support in sometimes difficult circumstances.

2. I am very pleased with ______ school report and I think she has improved and settled in well. I know that she will do her best in Park View.

3. I am very pleased with ______ report and the progress he is making.

4. I am really pleased with _______ report and the progress she is making. The teachers have made her really enjoy Year 1.

5. I was over the moon with _____ report. She has done amazingly well through this year and I am very proud of her and would like to thank her teachers.

6. Fantastic report for _____ with thanks to the outstanding support and teaching from his teacher. _____ has really enjoyed Year 3 and it has been a joy to watch his confidence grow. I couldn’t be happier!

We are always keen to hear what our parents have to say about our wonderful school. Here are a few comments from the last parent survey.

‘I love my child being at this school and I know he is looked after.’ Year 1 Parent

‘I am happy with all aspects of school. I would also like to say how well the office staff work.’ Year 6 Parent

‘My child really enjoys attending school, which is proof of how well the school can function.’ – Year 3 Parent

‘I find all the staff very helpful and pleasant and very kind.’ – Year 4 Parent

‘I have no complaints about the school or the class.’ – Year 2 Parent

At Park View Academy , we strive to ensure that every member of our school community is happy and that they all see Park View Academy in a very positive light. As a result of this, we are always very open to comments from parents and carers about how we can improve our school. Here are some comments from our parent survey and a note about what we did to action these comments:

What you said!

My child fell in school and cut her face, chin and knee. I was not informed or contacted over the incident and it took a week for the cuts to heal.

What we did!

If children are injured in school they are now always seen by a member of staff qualified in first aid. Children are given a sticker saying, ‘I received first aid today.’ so that parents and carers are made aware that an incident has occurred. The class teacher will always endeavour to speak to a child’s parent at the end of the school day. If we feel that the incident has caused a serious injury, we will always contact the child’s parent / carer immediately.

What you said!

I would be happier if Year 2 were given homework.

What we did!

All children across school are now given homework on a weekly basis. Homework normally goes out on a Friday afternoon and is expected back on a Monday.

What you said!

Letters do not come out of bags when put in. Therefore, children miss out on things.

What we did!

As part of our well rounded curriculum and the emphasis on teaching all children life skills, we are encouraging all our children to come to school prepared and be prepared for lessons. Children in all years groups are reminded to check their bags for reading books, homeworks, letters etc on a regular basis and have them ready in class at the start of the day.

We would like to thank all our parents and carers for their comments.