Home School Agreement

What is a Home – School Agreement?

The home-school agreement sets out the school’s responsibilities towards the students, the responsibility of the parents, and what the school expects of the students. This agreement encapsulates our belief that parents are a child’s first and most important educators. It is designed to help achieve the highest possible standards of achievement through close communication and effective partnership with parents.

Part A – Agreement for School
The school will:
• Provide a supportive, caring and stimulating environment where children can confidently ask for help and advice on any matter
• Provide a broad and balanced curriculum including extra curricular activities
• Strive to promote each child’s health and safety happiness
• Strive to meet the individual needs of each child
• Encourage each child to do their best at all times
• Encourage each child to follow the Park View Values
• Encourage each child to take care of others around them, the school and its ground
• Teach children to develop a positive attitude towards everyone regardless of difference in gender, race, culture, belief, values, age and need
• Work in partnership with parents and carers and communicate effectively
• Ensure that homework tasks are given regularly

Part B – Agreement Parents / Carers
I / We will do our best to:
• See that my/our child attends school regularly, properly dressed and equipped
• Make sure that my/our child arrives in school on time and is collected on time
• Provide an explanation if my/our child is absent
• Support the school in maintaining good behaviour and discipline
• Support my/our child with homework
• Hear him/her read regularly and return book regularly
• Attend parents’ meetings and discussions about my/our child’s progress
• Inform school if there are any issues that may affect my/our child’s ability to learn
• Take an active interest in my child’s life in school
• Avoid taking children out of school for holidays and appointments during term time.

Part C – Pupils
I will do my best to:
• Do all my classwork and homework as well as I can and allow other to do the same
• Treat others as I would like to be treated – be polite, helpful and considerate.
• Follow the agreed school and classroom rules
• Follow the Park View Values
• Listen carefully and follow instructions
• Wear the school uniform and take pride in my appearance
• Take good care of the school environment and resources
• Remember to pass letters between home and school immediately.

Download the full Home School Agreement here.